Buy & Sell Pages – ‘Bin Doing Some Business’

It was a Sunday night. My friend and I, overcome with hangover devastation, were scrolling desperately through every form of social media available to seek some enlightenment. Enlightenment upon what I do not know, but I guess it’s somewhat reassuring to read other peoples statuses and tweets complaining of hangovers when you feel like death yourself. At least I’m not the only disgrace, you think, as you watch a video on Facebook of a girl you used to work with being sick in a bin and are comforted by the fact that at least there is no such evidence of your own embarrassments from the night before.

News feeds checked I decided to have a look at the ‘Buy & Sell’ pages. You know, those groups set up on Facebook to allow people to advertise things to sell within the local area. You often see old games consoles outgrown by children, bundles of baby clothes, stacks of DVD’s – All, if in good quality, reasonable things to sell. And then there are the items you question. The items listed which force you to rack your brains for the answer as to why someone is trying to sell a half-burnt-out candle for 20p? What is going through a sellers mind when they upload a photo of some tacky, broken Christmas ornaments stating they’ll go to the highest offer? Would somebody really drive to a house and hand over a fifty pence piece all for the sake of taking home a single plastic figurine they could just as easily obtain from a McDonald’s’ happy meal?

And then I saw it. The bin. Somebody had uploaded not just one, but three photos, of a wicker bin which they were selling for £1. If there had been just one photo of the item in question I’d have probably just scrolled straight past. But what stood out to me was the effort which had gone into making this simple wicker bin look appealing -Three photos had been uploaded just to show it off from every angle, even upturned so that you could see the bottom of it. It almost reminded me of the way in which people photograph a litter of puppies to advertise on the Friday-Ads; a collection of photos taken to portray the cuteness of each pedigree pup. These sellers wanted to give justice to that bin. It was also advertised as being in ‘a very good condition,’ just to highlight the absolute bargain price of £1.

Perhaps because I was experiencing Sunday Night Sadness (A common side effect of a hangover) or perhaps because I was with the friend who always encourages me to cause mischief, I decided to text the man about the bin. Here’s what happened…(P.S I am extremely aware that I do not have an iPhone and therefore the message layout may look Prehistoric to some of you. Please don’t judge my trusty Samsung).



I really found it endearing that not only did the seller take the time to measure the bin, they also demonstrated its suitability for the purpose I intended for it – As a hat. Unfortunately they could only offer me the one so I did not make a purchase on this occasion. It has to be said though, whoever gets to take that bin home for £1, and in such beautiful condition, is one lucky soul.

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