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Microblading at Vanilla Pod – For the Modern Eyebrow Enthusiast

Eyebrows in 2016 are big – Both figuratively and literally. Gone are the days of brows plucked savagely into rows of individual hairs which create barely more than a shadow on the face, followed by that horrific period of regrowth…Shudder, dark times. Brows have become far more than brows – Over the last few years we have seen them lovingly shaped into an accessory, the most valued step in our makeup routine, something to embrace rather than tweeze away.

When The Big Brow started seeping into media outlets everywhere several years ago, millions of women became brow enthusiasts – And also massively regretful of how they had treated those gorgeous, face-framing features in the past. The natural brow was back and all those who value low maintenance looks breathed a sigh of relief whilst stroking their bushy, untouched brows. Amongst the sighs, however, there were screams – “What have I done to my brows?!”

Whilst models like Cara Delevingne strutted onto the scene, demonstrating that natural brows were beautiful, expressive and bold, hordes of women (including myself) cursed their tweezer-happy teenage selves. Luckily for myself, after some dedication, perseverance and a few years of seriously dodgy brows, they grew back. The discovery of eyebrow powders, eyebrow dyes and eyebrow pencils helped hugely, though that was a rocky path in itself – I’ve had transparent eyebrows (sorry 15 year old Chlo,) jet black eyebrows (even sorrier 16 year old Chlo,) and eyebrows almost as thick as my actual eyeballs. By the time I had experimented enough and found a happy medium my eyebrows had practically nursed themselves back to health, leaving them full and in pretty good shape.

Despite all this, I still wasn’t satisfied. I have been a perfectionist throughout my whole life and the brow obsession wasn’t going to end until I felt I’d achieved what felt like the perfect brow. Beauty magazines insist that ‘eyebrows are sister, not twins,’ … Nah. That was not going to sit well with me. I wanted symmetry, perfectly shaped arches and delicious density. My quest led me to Vanilla Pod Beauty.
Vanilla Pod offer a treatment called microblading, a precise and innovative form of tattoo artistry in which the technician can draw realistic, hair-like strokes of ink onto the skin to create the perfect brow shape. Typically the effect can last between 1-3 years, though top ups are recommended as some skin types retain the colour better than others. After browsing through the photos on Vanilla Pod’s Facebook page I was in awe and immediately booked in – The waiting list was 2 months as they are so highly in demand. This made me impatient, but all the more excited for the brows I was due to be blessed with!

When the day of my appointment finally came I met Emma Hopper, owner of Vanilla Pod, who is a qualified Semi Permanent Makeup Artist and Brow Technician with heaps of experience. Within 2 hours she had worked her magic after carefully consulting with me on shape, colour, what I expected from the treatment and aftercare procedures. I was absolutely blown away by the final results – Whilst I’d been relatively happy with my brows to begin with, the treatment had filled in any sparser areas, defined the shape to suit my face perfectly, and injected them with a gorgeous rich colour to compliment my skin tone. Aside from being overwhelmed with excitement to ditch the brow pencil for good, I was even keen to return 6 weeks later for my top up (the final step of the treatment) due to the amazing customer service I received throughout. Every member of staff at Vanilla Pod I encountered was approachable, friendly and helpful, making the whole experience just perfect.


Overall, I was absolutely thrilled with my brow transformation – I’m the sort of person who gets extremely nervous when it comes to placing my appearance in somebody else’s hands in terms of any beauty treatment, however the Vanilla Pod team proved how very capable they were of providing the most positive and high quality results on a feature which I consider so crucial. Finally, after becoming more conscious of how my brows looked 7 years ago, I had achieved the look I wanted. So, if your teenage-self abused her brows, or even if you already have a good basic shape but want to wake up with perfect brows every morning, I would absolutely recommend that you consider reaching the end of your own quest for beautiful brows with a trip to Vanilla Pod!

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